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viernes, 4 de junio de 2021

Castellani's Apokalypse of St John with English subs

Rafael de Arízaga 


This is wonderful. A fantastically produced interpretation of Fr. Castellani’s teaching on St. John’s Apocalypse, now with very good English subs. Fr. Castellani has been a decisive influence on my formation. I highly recommend this take on his doctrine. Time to return to a truly Christian theology of history. There may be minor quibbles here or there with this reading of Fr. Castellani (or with Castellani himself), but what one gets out of it more than compensates for that. 

Fr. Castellani has come recommended to me by wise and holy pastors, and I find him highly illuminating. One final thing: that commentary on the Apocalypse in Anglo circles is dominated by protestant kooks should not scare Catholics away from reading what the Church herself, and her greatest theologians, have said about it. On the contrary, it’s the best inoculation against heresy.

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